Baywood by Victory


We are excited to introduce the Baywood 38 x 12 holiday home, crafted by Victory.

Families can spend time unwinding and enjoy making memories in the spacious living space, which has been designed to be easily cleaned and toys and trinkets can be hidden away quickly if guests come over. The vibrant tropical fabrics combined with navy and rust hues add a warming Scandi vibe whilst also being hardwearing, so you don’t have to worry about the kid’s sticky hands or dog’s muddy paws. You can simply sit back, switch off and enjoy your holiday home.

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Here’s a breakdown of the key highlights:

1. Double or King Size Bed (Model Dependent) for Personalized Comfort: Depending on the model, residents can enjoy the luxury of a double or king-size bed, providing personalized comfort and ample space for rest and relaxation. This versatile feature caters to individual preferences, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience tailored to specific needs.

2. Freestanding Fridge/Freezer for Convenient Food Storage: The inclusion of a freestanding fridge/freezer offers convenient food storage options, allowing residents to keep groceries fresh and organized. With separate compartments for refrigeration and freezing, this essential appliance ensures easy access to ingredients and perishables, enhancing kitchen functionality and meal preparation.

3. Large Shower Enclosure with Thermostatic Shower for Invigorating Baths: The large shower enclosure with a thermostatic shower provides residents with invigorating baths and refreshing showers. Featuring ample space and adjustable temperature controls, this luxurious amenity offers a spa-like experience, promoting relaxation and wellness within the comfort of the home.

4. Painted Chassis for Enhanced Durability and Aesthetics: The painted chassis enhances durability and aesthetics, adding a touch of sophistication to the exterior of the home. Designed to withstand various weather conditions and environmental factors, this protective coating ensures long-lasting performance and visual appeal, contributing to the overall charm of the residence.

5. Air Bed with Electric Pump for Convenient Inflation: An air bed equipped with an electric pump offers convenient inflation and deflation, allowing residents to set up sleeping accommodations with ease. Whether hosting guests or enjoying outdoor adventures, this portable bedding solution ensures comfort and convenience, making it ideal for a variety of occasions.

6. Light Grey Aluminium Cladding for Modern Elegance: The light grey aluminium cladding adds a touch of modern elegance to the exterior of the home, enhancing its visual appeal and curb appeal. With its sleek finish and durable construction, this premium cladding material provides protection against the elements while exuding contemporary sophistication.

7. SnooVe or Hypnos Mattress Upgrade for Luxurious Comfort: Residents can indulge in luxurious comfort with the SnooVe or Hypnos mattress upgrade options, offering superior support and plush cushioning for a restful sleep experience. Engineered with quality materials and innovative design, these premium mattresses ensure optimal comfort and relaxation, allowing residents to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

8. Bluetooth Sound System for Immersive Audio Experience: The Bluetooth sound system delivers an immersive audio experience, allowing residents to enjoy their favorite music and entertainment wirelessly. With seamless connectivity to compatible devices, this advanced sound system creates a captivating ambiance, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the home with rich, high-quality sound.

9. Fully Galvanised Protech Chassis for Structural Integrity: The fully galvanised Protech chassis provides structural integrity and durability, ensuring stability and longevity for the home. Engineered with high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques, this robust chassis offers reliable support and protection against wear and tear, ensuring years of reliable performance.

10. Front Single Door for Convenient Entry and Exit: The front single door offers convenient entry and exit for residents and guests, providing easy access to the home’s interior. Designed with safety and functionality in mind, this well-crafted door enhances security while facilitating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing the overall living experience.

11. Velux Window to Kitchen for Natural Light and Ventilation: The Velux window to the kitchen invites natural light and ventilation into the living space, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Positioned strategically to optimize illumination and airflow, this architectural feature enhances the ambiance of the kitchen area, promoting comfort and well-being for residents.

12. Integrated Dishwasher or Washing Machine for Effortless Cleaning: The integrated dishwasher or washing machine offers effortless cleaning solutions, streamlining household chores and maintenance tasks. With its seamless integration into the kitchen or laundry area, this essential appliance enhances convenience and efficiency, allowing residents to enjoy more leisure time and relaxation.

Packed with everything you could possibly need, the entry-level Baywood holiday home is perfect for young families and first time buyers who want to escape the everyday and staycation in style. With a range of layouts, an on-trend colour scheme, and plenty of storage and holiday must-haves, the Baywood offers fuss-free family holidays and lifetime of memories.

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