Manor by Willerby


We are excited to introduce the Manor 38 x 12 holiday home, crafted by Willerby.

The Manor combines a traditional layout with chic and modern touches such as so‑ close cabinets, plinth lighting and a stylish Shaker kitchen, ­the Manor even has the option of an integrated dishwasher or washer/dryer – perfect for owners who require all the amenities of home.

Double sliding patio doors mean that light floods into the lounge of the Manor, whilst its freestanding furniture makes it easy to adapt the space to suit you and your views.


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Here’s a breakdown of the key highlights:

1. Integrated Microwave for Modern Convenience: The integrated microwave in the kitchen offers modern convenience for quick and efficient meal preparation, adding a touch of functionality to the culinary space while saving valuable countertop space.

2. Optional Integrated Washer/Dryer for Laundry Ease: Opt for the optional integrated washer/dryer to streamline laundry routines within the comfort of your home. This convenient feature eliminates the need for separate laundry facilities and offers added convenience for busy lifestyles.

3. Central Heating System with High-Efficiency Condensing Combi Boiler: Experience optimal comfort throughout the year with the central heating system, featuring a high-efficiency condensing combi boiler. This system provides consistent warmth and hot water supply, ensuring a cozy living environment even during the coldest months.

4. Holiday Homes Specification (EN 1647) for Quality Assurance: Our homes adhere to Holiday Homes Specification (EN 1647), guaranteeing adherence to stringent quality and safety standards. This certification ensures that your home meets regulatory requirements and delivers exceptional durability and reliability.

5. Double Sliding Patio Doors to Lounge for Enhanced Access: Enjoy seamless indoor-outdoor living with double sliding patio doors leading to the lounge area. These doors maximize natural light penetration and provide easy access to outdoor spaces, creating a fluid transition between interior and exterior living areas.

6. Energy Efficient Double Glazing for Enhanced Insulation: Benefit from energy efficient double glazing, which enhances insulation and minimizes heat loss. This feature helps regulate indoor temperatures, reduces energy consumption, and creates a comfortable living environment while lowering utility costs.

7. Ensuite WC for Added Privacy and Convenience: The ensuite WC offers added privacy and convenience, providing residents with a dedicated space for personal hygiene routines. This feature enhances the functionality of the home and offers an additional level of comfort for occupants.

8. Integrated 70/30 Fridge-Freezer for Ample Storage: The integrated 70/30 fridge-freezer offers ample storage capacity for fresh and frozen groceries, optimizing kitchen organization and food preservation. This feature ensures convenient access to ingredients and perishables while maintaining optimal temperature control.

9. Freestanding Furniture for Flexible Decor: Freestanding furniture offers flexibility in interior design, allowing residents to customize their living spaces according to personal preferences and style preferences. This versatile furniture arrangement adds a touch of elegance and functionality to the home.

The master bedroom has a boutique hotel feel, with sumptuous fabrics, a chic mirrored dressing area, and a king-size bed (two bed models), it’s the perfect retreat after a fun-filled day out.


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