Swift Loire


We are excited to introduce the Loire 36 x 12 holiday home, crafted by Swift Holiday Homes.

The much-loved Loire holiday home embraces a welcoming, coastal look. With every detail carefully curated to evoke the spirit of the shoreline, the Loire invites you to embark on a coastal escape like no other..

Loire provides superb value in retaining the family-friendly accommodation, hardwearing materials and quality equipment which make this one of our most popular holiday homes.

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Here’s a breakdown of the key highlights:

1. 2 Bedrooms: This holiday accommodation offers two bedrooms, providing ample space for both residents and guests to enjoy privacy and comfort during their stay. With well-appointed sleeping quarters, individuals can retreat to their own private space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

2. Family Seating: The living area is designed with family gatherings in mind, featuring comfortable seating arrangements conducive to quality time spent together. Whether relaxing after a day of exploration or engaging in lively conversations, the family seating area offers a welcoming atmosphere for all.

3. Double Glazed: Ensuring optimal insulation and energy efficiency, the holiday home is equipped with double-glazed windows. This feature helps to maintain a comfortable interior temperature while minimizing heat loss during colder seasons, contributing to a cozy and inviting living environment year-round.

4. Central Heated: Residents can enjoy consistent warmth throughout the holiday home courtesy of the central heating system. With centrally heated spaces, occupants can relax and unwind in comfort, knowing that each area is efficiently heated to their desired temperature.

5. 35×12: Spanning 35 feet in length and 12 feet in width, this holiday home offers generous dimensions, providing residents with spacious living areas and comfortable accommodations. The expansive layout allows for versatile interior design options and ensures ample room for both relaxation and entertainment.

Comprising a spacious, open-plan living room and kitchen, cosy bedrooms and a practical family bathroom, you’ll have everything you need for the best holiday experience. Complete with soft modern furnishings and homely finishing touches, the Swift Loire could be the start of your ownership journey.

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