Beckwood by Victory


We are excited to introduce the Beckwood 39 x 12 holiday home, crafted by Victory.

Made for socialising, the Beckwood is perfect for cosy evenings in front of the fire or family games nights on the sofa. Inspired by Scandinavian design trends and open plan living, the centre-lounge design is bathed in natural light shining through the dual aspect and full-height windows.

At the heart of the lounge is a large L-shaped sofa that’s perfect for lazy Sundays watching a film, or a lively games night with friends. The TV unit with integrated fire has plenty of for cables, toys or other holiday essentials – you can even pop a relaxing reed diffuser on top to make it feel even more homely.

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Here’s a breakdown of the key highlights:

1. Side French Doors: The inclusion of side French doors enhances the accessibility and aesthetic appeal of the living space, allowing ample natural light and ventilation while providing easy access to outdoor areas.

2. Champagne Aluminium Cladding: The exterior boasts champagne aluminium cladding, offering durability, weather resistance, and an elegant finish that adds to the overall visual appeal of the structure.

3. White uPVC Glazing: White uPVC glazing enhances energy efficiency and insulation while providing a sleek and modern aesthetic to the windows, contributing to a bright and inviting interior ambiance.

4. Integrated Fridge/Freezer: The integrated fridge/freezer maximizes storage space and offers convenient access to perishables and frozen items, ensuring freshness and efficiency in food storage.

5. Freestanding L-Shaped Sofa with Matching Footstool: A freestanding L-shaped sofa, complemented by a matching footstool, provides comfortable and flexible seating options, ideal for relaxation and social gatherings in the living area.

6. Large Shower Enclosure with Thermostatic Shower: The large shower enclosure, equipped with a thermostatic shower, offers a luxurious bathing experience, combining functionality with comfort for residents.

7. Integrated Fireplace and TV Unit: The integrated fireplace and TV unit create a focal point in the living space, offering warmth, ambiance, and entertainment options for residents and guests alike.

The Beckwood blends relaxing beige and grey tones in the living space, with geometric accents and pops of colour in the bedrooms. The centre lounge design allows for privacy, with a bedroom and shower room at either end, and there is still space to socialise in the large lounge and kitchen space. It’s perfect for a couples holiday, staycations with the grandchildren, or a relaxing break with friends.

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